Let's create stories. 

As a writer, artist and educator, my work emerges from the love of stories. I began my creative life as a visual artist, later delving into the history of art, focusing on Van Gogh and Michelangelo. The history of art taught me about historical research and persuasive writing, which I later brought to university teaching. One summer two decades ago, the muses led me to an advertising agency, where I learned to write for the information technology industry.  

In my technology writing practice, I specialize in business-to-business storytelling—customer success stories and thought leadership narratives—showcasing individuals and organizations who use information technology to spark innovation. And as a seasoned copywriter, editor, researcher and writing educator, I provide guidance on customer storytelling strategies and branded messaging, ensuring narratives support strategic objectives. 

Business and technology narratives aren't so different from art historical studies. Each describes a challenge—a business problem or a question of meaning—and ends with some sort of impact, be it a technical challenge solved, or a new interpretation that expands our understanding of the creative process. Effective stories move through a series of questions—who, what, when, where, why and how.  And visual arts develop narratives in different ways, avenues that inform my written work, whether technological, historical or literary. 

As a seasoned writer and scholar, I bring my deep experience as a researcher, writer, editor and educator to every project. Whether the story demonstrates how a healthcare provider uses AI to improve services or how Michelangelo interpreted complex theological content to create the Sistine Chapel frescoes, I search for the ways stories create greater understanding.   

I craft stories across a variety of industries, including communications, defense, education, energy, fintech, healthcare, manufacturing and nonprofit, stories that captivate audiences and drive results. 

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Writing with AI

As a member of the MarCom GOLD Award winning VMware Marketing AI Council, I trained content teams at VMware on AI-enhanced content creation and principles of responsible and ethical AI use. I offer individualized training and coaching in generative AI content development informed by my work on the Marketing AI Council and a decade of instructional experience in higher education. 

Piloting AI: Making a creator out of every marketer

I recently had the opportunity to share my experience with generative AI on the podcast "AI Edge for Enterprise Marketing," hosted by Webby Awards honoree Yadin Porter de León. In this episode, I discuss the way I trained the AI by treating it as if it were a student. I also detail the significant gains in time, creativity and accuracy I achieved by using AI to assist the content development process.


Master of Arts (MA), History of Art
The University of Colorado Boulder

Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Drawing and Painting 
The University of Colorado Boulder

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Printmaking and Book Arts
Lamar Dodd School of Art, The University of Georgia 

Studies Abroad in Cortona, Italy
Lamar Dodd School of Art, The University of Georgia 

For detailed information about my employment experience, refer to my LinkedIn profile. 

For information about my visual arts practice, visit www.kittymcchesney.art