Discovery Limited 

Discovery Limited (Discovery) offers healthcare, life and short-term insurance, savings and investment products and solutions in more than 20 markets worldwide. To support its dynamic business growth and innovative solutions, Discovery embraced a hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure and used a suite of products from the VMware Aria and Tanzu solutions portfolios to exert comprehensive cost and operational control over its IT infrastructure. 

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Nature Fresh Farms 

Greenhouse farming is an increasingly digital enterprise, with everything from sowing to shipping, enriched by a bounty of data. To deliver tastier products at scale, Canada’s Nature Fresh Farms employs a suite of VMware solutions to deliver a networked, anywhere workspace IT environment enabling secure distributed work, harnessing technology to improve the yield and flavor of its produce.

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Purdue University 

Following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Purdue University used VMware Greenplum, a big data analytics and warehouse solution, to create a powerful contact tracing system that helped the university bring students back to campus for safe, in-person learning.

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To retain its competitive edge, Fiserv needed to attract and keep the best talent, which demanded modern app development and modern programming languages. After building a modern, cloud native stack on two proprietary cloud platforms, Fiserv ported its self-service Developer Studio to the cloud-agnostic VMware Tanzu Application Platform, empowering developers to create smarter, build faster and collaborate more effectively.

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Quality Bicycle Products 

Quality Bicycle Products is the largest distributor of bicycle parts and accessories in North America. Already committed to modernizing its development stack in the cloud, the company faced the impending closure of its on-premises data center. By accelerating its move to the cloud, QBP completed the migration to VMware Cloud on AWS in only three months.

Companion article at VMware News & Stories: Quality Bicycle Products Gears Up a Cloud-Smart Approach to Sustainability

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Motor Oil

With a 50-year history in the petroleum sector, Motor Oil wanted to pivot its operations into renewable and cleaner forms of energy. VMware Professional Services helped Motor Oil become the first large-scale user of Azure VMware Solution in the region, fine-tuning its infrastructure with high availability and disaster recovery. This capacity and elasticity have already been used to support recent acquisitions. 

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IBM Cloud  

Asteria uses IBM Cloud and AI to forecast cashflow

Cloud-native financial technology company Asteria developed an innovative online liquidity management tool for small business banking customers. Created in partnership with IBM Cloud using an IBM Kubernetes microservice architecture framework, the solution was built on the IBM hybrid cloud, providing the flexibility and scalability required for the product.

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ECi Software Solutions transforms the customer experience

ECi Solutions provides software-as-a-service to various vertical markets including field service, lumber, building materials, distribution, and manufacturing. By accessing their software via the cloud, ECi customers can avoid purchasing hardware and managing their digital infrastructure solutions.  This is especially helpful for small and medium businesses that lack resources to deploy highly complex systems.

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FaceMe uses GPU solutions and IBM Watson Analytics to create digital humans

Can an artificial platform truly capture the nuances of human interaction? FaceMe uses IBM Cloud bare metal servers, GPU solutions, and IBM Watson Analytics to develop digital humans with natural, human-like responses. By providing help, advice, and an emotional connection, FaceMe's digital humans replicate the invaluable human touch.

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Intelligence Retail empowers data-driven decision making

Intelligence Retail empowers retailers with real-time insights to boost sales using AI and visual recognition technology. To scale their solutions globally, Intelligence Retail uses the high performance and scalability of IBM Cloud bare metal servers. This robust infrastructure provides the computing power to deliver actionable analytics to retailers derived from advanced AI analyzing in-store data. 

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Talium helps Irene Energy deliver electricity to Africa

Talium CEO Francois de Chezelles explains how his company partnered with Irene Energy to bring affordable electricity to nearly 1 billion people in Africa. The secure solution, built on a blockchain solution on IBM Cloud reduced technology costs, thereby lowering electricity access costs. Irene Energy saw an opportunity to solve current energy provider challenges using adaptable systems that evolve with the market. 

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Techwave teams with IBM to navigate digital transformation

Managed services provider Techwave observed that legacy processes and systems frequently obstructed enterprises from achieving their digital transformation goals. To empower organizational agility, performance, and scalability, Techwave migrates client infrastructures to IBM Cloud Bare Metal servers. This equips enterprises with the core infrastructure capabilities required to successfully evolve their businesses in the digital era.

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